Sub’ing out…

So last night I did something that I’ve done many times; sat out for another player.  Someone asked if anyone would be willing to sit out Madness for someone else, assuming the person needed some loot from Madness I volunteered to sit even though I’m still collecting for my Legendaries, I really wanted a chance at getting mount number 157, AND Madness drops the single biggest upgrade still available to me.  I figured if someone else needs something I’m always willing to help out a guildie.  Turns out the person that came in needed no gear and already had the mount, he just wanted to dps that fight…wtf?!?  I’m so used to getting the shit end of the stick that it doesn’t shock me that I gave it to myself last night but, good god, I literally sat for no reason.  There are hopefully a lot of full clears still ahead so I’ll have a chance at the mount but considering we’re planning on turning off the buff next week at least having a chance at the axe and the 1k+ dps boost it would provide would’ve been nice.  I don’t blame anyone in the guild, it was my own fault, I should’ve spoken up that I still had stuff I needed from the boss, I really can’t expect anyone other than myself to know what I need or don’t need from any particular boss.  Doesn’t make it any easier to swallow though.


~ by chigurhofkt on June 6, 2012.

4 Responses to “Sub’ing out…”

  1. That’s pretty effed up that they came in if they don’t need anything off that boss. Sorry to hear that man! Stand up for yourself next time :P

    • As I said, I wasn’t aware of the circumstances of sub’ing out when I volunteered so there was no standing up for myself to be done because I simply thought I was helping a guildie. It really wasn’t that big a deal, just annoying.

  2. Lack of proper communication and understanding of a situation before, during and after the issue even came up IMO. There should have been more open discussion from all parties involved including myself so that there was no misunderstanding. Bitching in whispers (me) wasn’t an effective way to handle it when others affected by the situation were not even properly made aware. I take blame for it as much as or more than anyone. Certain things tend to be overlooked at times when specific goals for a raid are set in advance and not everyone has the same way of thinking, especially when content becomes as stale as it currently is for some.


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