The Game…

Seeing as how there’s really nothing WoW related to post about I’ll continue reviewing random stuff.  First let me preface by letting you know where I’m coming from when reviewing this.  I’m NOT reviewing the books, I am basing my opinion of the HBO series entirely on the show.  I read the first book back in the late ’90s and have very little recollection of it so anything I know of any of the characters and places in the show are completely based upon what HBO has presented.

One word review: motherfuckingawesome!!!

More wordy review:  This is what all television/movies should be like.  Great production values, amazing visuals, characters that you truly care about(both hero and villain), and a story that constantly leaves you guessing.  The only thing predictable is that you can’t predict a damn thing.  At this point in the series I honestly have no idea where it’s going or even who I want to win in the end, all I know is I’m enjoying the ride.  The series is brilliant, compelling, and just plain fun.  If you haven’t seen it yet I can’t stress enough how much I want you to go out and watch it now, just be warned that once you start you won’t stop until you’re done.


~ by chigurhofkt on June 5, 2012.

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