True ramblings

I went searching for an image for today’s post and was looking for something related to Tuesday being the start of the workweek and the raidweek.  Instead, I found this and it made me chuckle so hard I had to go with it…not only is it funny, it’s fitting because vodka is my drink of choice as of late, loves me some Stoli!!  Now I have absolutely NO idea what I’m going to ramble about today so I’m going to simply do just that; ramble.

First, I boycotted Woody Allen movies from a young age simply because Annie Hall beat Star Wars for the Oscar in 1977 and I swore I would never forgive that.  Well, the fact George Lucas has lost his fucking mind made it possible for my best friend to talk me into checking out my first Allen movie a few weeks ago.  I have since gone on an Allen kick that culminated this last weekend with me finally watching Annie Hall.  This may not seem like a big deal but it really was, there was very strong hatred for this movie back in the day and I swore I would NEVER watch it even though I’m a movie freak and it won an Oscar.  To say the least, I’m very sad it took me until now to watch his movies.  They’re fucking brilliant on many levels.  Every joke has so many levels that you find yourself laughing multiple times for different reasons from the same joke, brilliant.

From old to new, I’m going to go see the new Snow White movie this weekend just because it looks cool, please don’t tell anyone, I want to keep my guy card.  Ten years ago I’d see EVERYTHING in the theatre but just got sick of dealing with sticky floors, stupid people, and an inability to pause the film when I want so I pretty much quit going.  It takes something special to get me to see something in the theatre.  The movies in the last 3 years I went to see:  The Dark Night, Inception, and The Avengers.  Seriously, Christopher Nolan and Joss Whedon were the only 2 people to lure me in.  Now, you ask, why the fuck would you go see Snow White if only AWESOME films will lure me?  Simple, it looks very interesting, it has Charlize Theron, and it’s a movie my wife really wants to see that isn’t fucking sparkly vampires.

Next, Game of Thrones!!!  Seriously epically awesome shit that I am very sad will be done for the season after next week.  Damn it!!

What books are you all reading?  I’m tackling Plato’s Republic, headache causing but genius, I recommend it.

Finally, I sure hope we can raid tonight, we have a handful of known absences this week that are going to make fielding a full raid tough.  I’m betting we won’t simply because if we do I’ll finally get to get the stage 2 daggers and these damn legendary cocksucking pieces of shit have been the bane of my wow existence.  The universe, the game, even my own dumbass have conspired to keep me from ever seeing them finished.  We’ll see what happens.

No matter what happens tonight because of the picture above I will drink some vodka tonight!!


~ by chigurhofkt on May 29, 2012.

One Response to “True ramblings”

  1. I have never gotten into Woody Allen movies. Idk if it was just my age when I first watched one and couldn’t understand the intricacies of his humor but I just never got it then and haven’t gone back to check them out yet.

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